Integrity and compliance

Responsible business conduct

Krka is a company with a long tradition, building its successful business story on integrity and dedication to the highest ethical standards. Krka is one of the leading generic pharmaceutical companies in the world. We are aware of our duties and opportunities in helping create a responsible business environment. We conduct our business prudently, and we understand and take into account long-term influences of economic activities on the whole social environment.

Corporate compliance

Our integrity is based on ethics, corporate compliance and effective risk management.

Krka's fundamental ethical principles are respect, cooperation, excellence and integrity of management.

Corporate compliance ensures that the company and its employees adhere to all relevant regulations, international standards and guidelines, and that the company properly cooperates with regulatory authorities. Corporate compliance within the company is based on several policies and internal rules that describe in detail activities and responsibilities related to the implementation of processes in order to ensure minimum disruption to business operations and minimum risk for violation of regulations, standards, company policies and internal rules.

The management of different corporate compliance risks is incorporated into all of Krka's business processes, it enables identification and management of factors that could endanger the achievement of strategic and business objectives of the company and the entire Krka Group.

Respect and cooperation

Equal opportunities for all, respect of legal norms and an ethical approach to other people and the wider social community represent the foundations of our work.

We are aware of the fact that partnership and trust significantly impact Krka's business performance, therefore we encourage cooperation with all stakeholders based on mutual respect and consideration of different opinions, and which is focused on increasing the value of the entire Krka Group. 


Efficient, quality and safe medicines and other products are our way of contributing to a better quality of life for all people. We develop innovative products and endeavour to provide their wide availability.

Our research and development and our cooperation with the medical field and business partners help us improve our knowledge in the field of pharmacy and contribute to the development of quality medicinal products.

We are committed to fair, comprehensive and timely provision of information about our products.

We carefully protect all information about Krka, our business partners and third parties, which come to our knowledge during our working and business operations.

Any employee and third party personal data must be handled with care, in a transparent manner, and in accordance with personal data protection regulations.

Integrity of management

Management sets an important example with their work and management style, therefore all our executive managers are people who personify Krka's key values. Their good examples encourage other employees and thus contribute to the strengthening of integrity of the entire company.

The Chief Compliance Officer is responsible for corporate compliance at the highest level.

Our senior managers are responsible for raising awareness about corporate compliance and for corporate compliance in their own business units. They must ensure that all employees are informed about all regulations, guidelines and standards, and that they comply with them. In their work, employees are regularly educated and trained, and they are familiar with the consequences of inappropriate conduct.

Corporate integrity

At Krka, we follow the principle of zero tolerance against any form of fraud, abuse and unfair market practices. The Chief Compliance Officer monitors consistent observance of rules and manages an effective system for raising awareness and handling inappropriate conduct.

Our basic principle is that all decisions are made in the best interest of Krka, therefore we should avoid situations where these could be perceived as if they were made primarily on the basis of our personal interests and not the interests of Krka.

The relations between the pharmaceutical industry and the medical field are based on strict ethical standards, regulations and guidelines, which we take into account in all our business operations.

We respect regulations governing competition protection, and do not, in any way, prevent, limit or distort competition.

Risks for non-compliant conduct, arising from business relations, are mitigated by regular verification of our customers, suppliers and other business partners. In this manner, we can prevent possible harm to Krka's reputation, and business losses.

Social responsibility

We practise our social responsibility by supporting different activities within the environment we live in. We participate in humanitarian activities and also take part in activities promoting advancements in the fields of science, education and culture, and which help protect our natural environment.

We take care of the environment and respect environmental regulations, and we also cooperate with the narrower and broader local community.


Only through consistent observance of corporate compliance can we achieve excellent work results, strengthen the satisfaction of our products' users and thus build their trust in Krka.

We look into the future with optimism and trust in Krka's mission, knowledge, experience and employees. We want Krka to be recognized globally as a company with a clear vision, superior quality, values and responsible corporative conduct.