Employment in Krka

At Krka we value knowledge and promote creativity. We are one of the world’s leading generic pharmaceutical companies. We offer our employees optimal working conditions and opportunities for their development. Excellence is part of who we are at Krka, and creativity is our way of life.

Why work for Krka?

Krka’s business performance is based on the commitment and knowledge of its employees. At Krka we are committed to recruiting, motivating and retaining dedicated and capable employees and building an international corporate culture.

We know that in a business environment, where change is the only constant, we strive to allow our employees to be the best in their fields.

The success of our long-term, systematic work and investment in employees is vindicated by the numerous awards and prizes received by the Krka company in Slovenia and by our subsidiaries around the world.

For several years we have won the TOP 10 Management Training award for systematic investment in knowledge.